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Ken Uston Blackjack System

Ken Uston is one of the most well-known names in blackjack history. Not only was he one of the most skilled online blackjack players in the world, he also worked on teams of card counters to win big money from casinos in Vegas. Playing unibetpokerbonus.com on a Ken Uston blackjack team meant playing for keeps and beating the house at their own game.

Early Days

An Ivy League graduate and a successful player Playing poker of the stock market, Ken Uston was recruited by Al Francesco to play on a team of card-counting blackjack players. Uston even quit his job as vice-president of the Pacific Stock Exchange to join Francesco as a professional blackjack player in Vegas. Often taking on the role of the "Big Player" Uston would float from the blackjack table to online casinos blackjack table on the signal of his team members that a particular table was hot. To the house, he looked like a reckless but lucky gambler when in reality he was taking advantage of the tables when they were the hottest for the player.

Success and Notoriety

Though the skills needed to pull these intricate card-counting techniques were considerable, the Ken Uston blackjack team enjoyed great success with their system. Uston even began training his own teams to infiltrate unsuspecting Live Casino , win as much money as possible, and enjoy their exploits. Before he quit, Uston won millions of dollars and published a book about his life. The movie "21" was loosely based on Uston's history.

Anyone who enjoys blackjack should consider learning betting about the Ken Uston blackjack teams. Though his techniques won't work at online casinos, there are many tips that may help players improve their own games.