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Addressing 888 Casino Complaints About Them Refusing to Pay

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Online casinos have become increasingly popular over the past 2 decades, as more and more people eschew the traditional brick and mortar casino for the ease of playing their favorite games in the comfort of their own home. The vast majority of regular players have a positive gaming experience from beginning to end.

However, what happens to players who have complaints? What happens if casinos withhold winnings? What happens when a casino refuses to pay? We are taking a closer look at one of the most popular online casinos today, 888 Casino, their common complaints, and how to resolve them. If 888 Casino refuses to pay, we will help players resolve common issues.

Common Complaints with 888 Casino

888 Casino, formerly Casino-on-net, has been in existence since 1997. Since they began, the casino has expanded from a basic simple gaming site to include a full casino, poker room, bingo room, and a full sportsbook. For the most part, the vast majority of customers have been able to withdraw their winnings with relative ease. However, on occasion, there have been periodic circumstances where customers from 888 Casino lodged complaints due to issues with withdrawal, or when it appears that the casino refuses to pay out winnings. We will look at the most common reasons why withdrawals may be delayed.

Understanding Withdrawal Time Frames

888 Casino receives complaints about delays in withdrawals, implying that 888 Casino refuses to pay out withdrawal requests. However, it is important to understand withdrawal times. Different online casinos have different withdrawal times associated with them. In reviewing the 888 Casino withdrawal times, Visa and Mastercard can take up to 6 - 8 business days for customers to receive their payment, and e-Wallet solutions such as Skrill and Neteller can take from 3 to 5 business days.

888 Casino withdrawal time frames include a 3 business day processing window. While these withdrawal times are longer than most casinos, the vast majority of 888 Casino's withdrawals are processed within their defined time frame. It is important that customers understand that the delay, in this case, may not be that the casino refuses to pay, but the delay itself is simply a part of their overall processing time frames. It is important to note that the total withdrawal time is a combination of the processing time and the 3-day processing window. This allows 888 Casino up to 3 full days to review and approve the withdrawal, and an additional 2 processing days for the money to actually be credited to the player's banking source. Understanding how the withdrawal process works can help reduce the overall number of complaints regarding 888 Casino withdrawal times and policies.

Verification Process

One of the main reasons 888 Casino refuses to pay out a withdrawal request is due to verification. This is typically an issue with the first request for withdrawal only, but it is the single largest reason why a payment might be held or delayed. A large portion of the complaints regarding 888 Casino payments are directly related to the verification process.

888 Casino refuses to pay winnings prior to customer verification. Before the first withdrawal, each customer must send verification documents into 888 Casino. The documents are used to ensure that the player is who they say they are. This includes verifying age, address, payment type, etc. 888 Casino requests that players send in notarized copies of their government-issued ID (such as a driver's license, ID card, or passport), their withdrawal method statement, and proof of address.

Based on feedback from 888 Casino, complaints often arise when customers submit copies of documentation that have not been properly notarized and stamped. Unnotarized forms are not valid for their purposes, and as such 888 Casino refuses to pay out winnings until the appropriate documents are received. This is by far, one of the largest reasons for 888 Casino complaints regarding payout.

Withdrawal Limits

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888 Casino often receives complaints from customers who are unaware of withdrawal limits. While many casinos drastically limit the amount customers can withdraw per week, 888 Casino has very high limitations on withdrawals. The bigger issue is from customers wishing to withdraw smaller amounts from their accounts. Depending on the payment method's 888 Casino has a minimum withdrawal amount of $15 - $20. If a customer attempts to make a withdrawal that is under the minimum amount, 888 Casino refuses to pay, and will credit the player's bankroll until they request a higher withdrawal amount.

In terms of larger withdrawal amounts, 888 Casino limits withdrawals to $30,000 per month. Complaints arise when 888 Casino customers hit a larger jackpot, as the site typically refuses to pay the full amount at once, but will instead pay larger jackpots over the course of 24 months, in equal payments to the winner

Account Closures

888 Casino has received complaints regarding account closures. While the vast majority of account closure is initiated by the player, 888 Casino reserves the right to close a customer account when potential fraud is suspected. 888 Casino refuses to pay out winnings when players are engaged in fraudulent activities until the circumstances have been thoroughly investigated by their fraud team. 888 will contact players where fraud is suspected and provide instructions on how to proceed.

888 Casino handling of complaints

In reviewing the history of complaints regarding 888 Casino, whether the casino closes an account inappropriately, or refuses to pay in a timely manner on a withdrawal request, 888 Casino rectifies complaints rather quickly. In fact, in terms of overall satisfaction, the vast majority of complaints lodged against 888 Casino are easily and quickly rectified.

The customer service team at 888 Casino handles complaints from players. Initial requests for account reviews, situations where the site refuses to pay winnings or closes a player's account, should all be routed through the customer service team first. Players can initiate complaints against 888 Casino by contacting customer service via the email portal on the website. This provides an electronic copy of the complaint itself, including the date the complaint was drafted. Customer Service will reach out within 24-48 hours to assist customers in resolving any complaints against 888 Casino

Bottom Line

The vast majority of complaints against 888 Casino are unfounded. Most complaints arise from players simply being unaware of specific policies and procedures that exist for online casinos that don't exist at traditional brick and mortar casinos. Most often, if a gambling site like 888 Casino refuses to pay out winnings, there is an easy way to rectify the problem.

888 Casino has a ton of information on their site that addresses everything from their withdrawal policies, which payment methods can be used for withdrawals and deposits, withdrawal limits, as well as processing times. All of the complaints against 888 Casino noted above could have easily been avoided by taking time to read over the policies and procedures regarding financial transactions that 888 Casino has in place. In terms of any instances where 888 Casino refuses to pay out winnings in a timely manner, the vast majority of issues or concerns arise from customers not understanding the specific withdrawal times or withdrawal methods in place. Additionally, customer verification processes are clearly outlined on the 888 Casino site, explaining the need for notarized copies of specific documentation required before players can successfully make withdrawals.

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For players who wish to play at 888 Casino, it is important to take the time to read over all of the information provided in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website, as well as all of the financial information. While this is certainly an extra step, and due to the amount of information that 888 Casino makes available to customers, somewhat time-consuming. However, by gaining a better understanding of the withdrawal processes, and the basic rules for withdrawals, and other financial transactions, players will have a much more fulfilling experience at 888 Casino.

On the 888 Casino webpage, there is a complete section under "Support" that outlines all the information surrounding withdrawals. There are 21 separate topics to be explored, and each one contains valuable information for players, including how withdrawals from bonuses work, how to request a withdrawal from a player account, what documents can be used for verification, processing time frames, handing transaction through the "cashier" portion of the 888 Casino webpage, along with complete descriptions of policies and procedures that related to withdrawal processing time, withdrawal requests, waiting times, and average processing times based on methods of withdrawal. There is even a section dedicated to instructing clients on how to reverse a withdrawal attempt.

All in all, 888 Casino does an excellent job at providing customers with all the information necessary to successfully set up an account, make financial transactions, verify a player account, cash out bonus winnings, and make standard withdrawals. In the event that something truly does go wrong, the 888 Casino Customer Service team can help players navigate the complaint process when it is actually needed.